Kaiju / Monsters

Kaiju / Monsters

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M1-19949 Bandai HG Gashapon Godzilla 2017 High Grade Figure 300y

FeaturesExclusively from Bandai JapanSize: 7.5 cm (3.0 inches) Height Collector's ItemOfficially Lic..

M1-20127 Bandai Godzilla Netsuke Figure Strap / Mascot 200y

Godzilla Series in a unique Netsuke (Japanese Wood Carving/sculpture) style figure strap / mascot. T..

M1-09570 Shin Godzilla Mini Figure (HG) High Grade 300y

Product Type: Figure. There are 3 different figures in this set. Size: 6.9cm. Sold as a set a set of..

M1-13071 Bandai HG 2016 Shin Godzilla Series 2 Gashapon Figures 300y

FeaturesBandai JapanSize: 10.0 cm (4 inches) Height Collector's ItemOfficially Licensed Set of 4 fi..

M1-36069 HG High Grade D+ Godzilla 01 Mini Figure Diorama Capsule 500y

Godzilla high grade diorama capsules. Godzilla capsule contains all parts to assemble each specific ..